Founded in late 2016, we are new company with a big and innovative idea- that Family Practitioners should be recognized for excellence in their field and that potential clients can benefit from this knowledge. American Institute is an impartial third-party rating organization comprised of eight separate divisions.  The American Institute of Family Medicine Practitioners recognizes excellence of practitioners in the field. We compile an exclusive list of the “10 Best” Family Practitioners for each State. States depending on size and population density may be broken up into City or Region to be more applicable to potential new patients who utilize this site when looking for a Family Practitioner.

Member Benefits include:

  • Listing on American Institute’s Top 10 Directory;
  • 10 Best logo in jpg and png format to display on website or any other advertising medium;
  • 8″ by 10′ Custom Award Plaque for office display;
  • Interactive Blog- allows Family Practitioners to connect with one another, have questions answered, and network;
  • Press Release documenting 10 Best to Google, Bing, and Yahoo News, 2 local papers, and 3 local television stations;
  • (NEW) Patient Dispute Resolution Center (PDRC) by American Institute so we can try to resolve any disputes to avoid clients giving you or your firm negative feedback on other online venues;
  • (NEW) Access to Member participated Sharedrive for State specific Articles, Best Practices, and Forms databases; and
  • (NEW) Access to discounts at such places as, Starbucks, Hertz, Red Roof Inn, etc.;

American Institute of Family Medicine Practitioners

Recognizing excellence. Allowing patients to make wise decisions.